The beers we make at the Freewheel Brewing Company are brewed with the same ingredients and methods as our partner breweries in England. Most of our beer is cask-conditioned or real ale.

real ale, n

Pronunciation: Brit, /´rē( )l/ /āl/

1. beer brewed from traditional ingredients, matured by secondary fermentation in the container from which it is dispensed, and served without the use of extraneous carbon dioxide.

In other words, cask-conditioning is a traditional method of preparing beer for serving. The carbonation is naturally produced in a serving cask resulting in a softer mouth-feel and very balanced flavors. We believe Bay Area beer lovers will appreciate this unique and traditional method.

10 Interesting Facts About Cask Conditioned Ale from Casktoronto:

1.Cask Ale is fresh!
Cask ale has a short shelf life and must be served within a few days. It is as fresh as beer can be. Cask conditioned ales do not undergo pasteurization or lengthy storage at the brewery.

2.Cask Ale is local!
Since it has a short shelf life, cask ale is typically served close to the brewery. The fewer "beer miles" that cask ale travels also make it more environmentally friendly.

3.Cask Ale is unique!
The traditional way in which cask ale is made gives it distinctive qualities. There are special nuances of aroma, flavour, and character in cask conditioned ales that are not found in any other type of beer.

4.Cask Ale is a live product!
Unlike keg beer which is filtered and often pasteurized, cask ale is a living fresh beer. Its character and flavour still develop in the cask.

5.Cask Ale has been brewed this way for centuries!
Cask ale is typically brewed using only traditional ingredients: malted barley, water, hops and yeast.

6.Cask Ale is naturally conditioned!
Cask conditioned ale undergoes a secondary fermentation inside the cask.

7.Cask Ale is flavourful!
The range and depth of flavour to be discovered in cask conditioned ale will surely astound you. From floral, citrus notes to pungent bitterness to rich, sweet maltiness, cask ale offers a vast array of aromas and flavours.

8.Cask Ale is good for you!
Since only natural ingredients are used to make cask conditioned ale, you will find no other chemicals or preservatives present. Cask ale also has vitamin B and probiotic qualities from the yeast, which hasn't been filtered out.

9.Cask Ale is great with food!
The broad range of flavours and aromas, as well as subtle nuances found in cask conditioned ales can create wonderfully inspired pairings with food.
10.Cask Ale is the real deal!
Also known as 'real ale', cask conditioned ale is considered by many to be the genuine article: real beer for real people who appreciate quality, character and distinction.