In-house Beers

We partner with the best craft brewers in England. We reproduce their unique methods and recipes to create fresh, locally brewed, authentic English ales in California.


Iron Bridge Brewery

Ironbridge Hybrid IPA

A hybrid beer true to the English roots of India Pale Ale but fortified with American hop varieties Cascade, Centennial, and Willamette. The result is a thirst quenching pale ale just bursting with hop flavor without excessive bitterness. ABV = 5.2%.

Ironbridge Gold

The Centennial hop and a modern twist on brewing techniques define this beer. Golden in color with a sharp hop bite followed by that distinctive, lingering Centennial flavor to finish. ABV = 4.1%.

Ironbridge Wenlock Stout

A rich traditional stout packed with complex malt flavors, the exquisitely balanced hopping makes for a full-bodied, well-rounded and very satisfying brew. ABV = 5.6%
Green Jack Brewery

Green Jack Hybrid Bitter

A traditional English bitter using predominantly Maris Otter malt and crystal malt for complexity. The hops are American grown versions of the well-known English varieties, Golding and Styrian Golding. ABV = 3.5%.
FreeWheel Brewing Company

Big V Amber Ale

In honor of Englishman Vincent Johnson who fabricated and installed our brewery equipment. Designed jointly by Vincent and our head brewer, Malcolm with roasted barley, black malt, Maris Otter and wheat for a rich malty flavor. Subtle hop character provided by Target and Willamette hops. ABV = 4.0%.